“I Never Met a Girl Like You Before”

OK , so last week ran across the river to the “Smilin’ Smoker”, a little place in Covington, Ky that sells cigarettes and alcohol and my favorite feature? The drive thru…

So I pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered some cigarettes and asked the clerk to grab me a lighter.

I told him “I trust your judgement, just pick one out for me”.

When I got home I opened the bag up and got the cigs and lighter out, and just happened to glance down at the lighter. And what does it say? “Playboy – I read the articles”

I’m not really sure why it struck me as hilarious, but it did.

Do I look like a girl who “reads the articles”? Or who would be happy to carry around a lighter with the Playboy bunny logo on it? Or was the clerk just taking my trust and his power to make a subtle impact on my life just a little too far? Or did he just think he was being funny? Or did he just grab the first lighter within reach… You decide.

So next time I head to the Smilin’ Smoker I pick out my own lighter AND I’m going to look at the pictures! So there.

About Elle Crash

At one point it was New York, L.A., Tokyo, Istanbul, Venice, Curacao, Now it's here in Cincinnati... I make rock, food, marketing, magic and cats purr... If you'd like a copy of my cookbook "Rock and Rolls" contact me.
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One Response to “I Never Met a Girl Like You Before”

  1. That’s totally hilarious! I think the clerk correctly identified you as a literary-minded type and decided to pay homage with the (admittedly less than appropriate) tools at his disposal. Maybe next time he’ll give a nod to your visual sensibilities by handing you one of those lighters with a photo of a lady who strips when you turn her upside down.

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