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At one point it was New York, L.A., Tokyo, Istanbul, Venice, Curacao, Now it's here in Cincinnati... I make rock, food, marketing, magic and cats purr... If you'd like a copy of my cookbook "Rock and Rolls" contact me.

I’m Back…Back in the saddle again

Wow, it’s been a long time. You know, stuff going on, getting in the way. But that’s about to change. The muse has been calling, less like a text or phone call and more like a siren shriek from the … Continue reading

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Pet Sounds and…

It’s hard to type when you are crying… Snoring…room rumbling, wake you up, no going back to sleep snoring. From both of them, man and beast. in tandem, taking turns, all night long, in stereo.  Joined at the hip and heart, boy … Continue reading

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“I Never Met a Girl Like You Before”

OK , so last week ran across the river to the “Smilin’ Smoker”, a little place in Covington, Ky that sells cigarettes and alcohol and my favorite feature? The drive thru… So I pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered some cigarettes … Continue reading

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Big Foot and Godzilla

Shoes? Yes please!!! I’ve always been crazy for shoes…they are forgiving if you gain a few pounds, a quick and easy way to update your wardrobe and seriously I totally got the feminine “girl-who-loves-shoes” gene in spades… Although my biggest love … Continue reading

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And a Little More Luck…

Who couldn’t use just a little bit more luck this year? In my previous post, the Spicy Black Eyed Pea Tomato Bisque recipe was a subtle one, in terms of black-eyed pea flavor. Good for the folks who aren’t crazy about … Continue reading

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With a Little Luck…

I take my southern superstitions seriously.  So every year I endeavor to eat the following on New Year’s Day to ensure good luck, prosperity, a stocked larder and happiness. A true southern New Year’s celebration contains the following items… 1)     … Continue reading

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Lust for Life…

Good bye 2010…you served me hell… Seriously in all my years I had never seen a year bring so many bad things to myself and almost everyone I knew… and not all of them were the “well you messed up … Continue reading

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