Lust for Life…

Good bye 2010…you served me hell…

Seriously in all my years I had never seen a year bring so many bad things to myself and almost everyone I knew… and not all of them were the “well you messed up , now you’re paying the consequences type of bad things…

 Illness ran rampant, long-term jobs were lost, long-established couples broke up, money problems were a recurrent theme, people let other people down right and left. (hello can you say politicians??)  Natural disasters, true weirdness, and just plain old bad luck were the norm.  The year felt to me like one long weird dry, pea soup foggy slightly menacing movie scene…with plenty of flashbacks and evil plot turns that took place in 70’s cars and fashions, which I truly have great distaste for….

 If you believe in a more spiritual side of things, 2010 asked you to basically get rid of the stuff that was blocking your true path, and if you chose to ignore this, the universe would take care of it for you. And boy did it ever! 

The good news is by freeing yourself up you’ll be better prepared to weather what is supposed to be a great change that’s coming our way. I don’t believe in the Mayan calendar per se, but I believe a shift in consciousness is due.

 Our earth is falling apart, apathy runs rampant, politicians are taking people’s rights away at a scary pace and the most frightening thing of all is people are either too scared or lazy to stand up and make a change to make things better. When our priority is a wide-screen TV and whatever Brittany whoever that’s gracing, TMZ or it’s like, as opposed to making a world that we can truly thrive in, that’s a sad, sad statement on our world.

 And it’s a sad state of affairs when I know in my heart and soul that the only thing that will truly rally people into doing something to turn the world around is going to be the loss of something so huge, that people will no longer have the option to do nothing, like losing our water supply, or the ability to access natural food, the stopping of our energy resources, or something that makes the whole world ill…it wouldn’t take much. And seriously people, if that’s the day you choose to do something, it will be too late.

 I choose to make my own luck this year, not only for me but the planet where I live. Whether through raising awareness, or starting to fight the fight for better food, cleaner air, or water we can actually drink, or getting the politicians out of our way to a truer democracy, I know that if I put it off any longer it will just be too late. And not “too late for our grandchildren too late” it will be too late for us. I just can’t be quiet about it any longer.

 So I go into 2011 actually hopeful for the first time in a long while because I choose to do something to make it a better year for everyone.

And I hope to serve it well..

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